SOUTHERN ISOLATION - Southern Isolation

Southern Isolation - Southern Isolation

4 songs
21:29 minutes
***** ***
Baphomet / Housecore

It may not be fair that Southern Isolation will always be seen as the band of Phil Anselmoís wife, but thatís life. Mr. Anselmo not only married Opal, the woman behind Southern Isolation, but even produced her mini album that comes with four songs.

Where good ole Phil is screaming out his guts, his better half has a far quieter approach to music. You might even say that Opal may have a depression problem. Her music sounds like Linda Perry teaming up with the suicidal remains of Fear of God. This is not metal though, even no hard rock music, but rather some blues country rock hybrid. Itís mostly acoustic and slide guitars, and Opalís ethereal vocals floating above the depressive song constructs.

It is good music though, better than anything Pantera have done since Cowboys From Hell, although comparisons donít really make sense here. If you are into sad female fronted rock music, you will like this 4 song CD for sure, and if you donít, you still might wanna check it out for the raw emotions you get from listening to Southern Isolation.

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