SPARKLE OF HOPE - It's Calculated Murder

Sparkle Of Hope - It's Calculated Murder

10 songs
31:37 minutes
***** **


If this album had been released five years earlier, it would have been a milestone of the metalcore genre, but let's face it: the flood of similar releases from all over the world make it hard even for the objective reviewer to continue showing interest in those bands. Sparkle Of Hope come from Belgium, and It's Calculated Murder is their debut full-length album, even though it's only 32 minutes long, but that at least prevents that they fall into repetitive patterns. In fact SoH don't need to hide behind their American pioneer bands. To guarantee a fat sound, they had their album mastered in the US by the same guy who gave bands like The Black Dahlia Murder and Atreyu their optimal sound. The gory comic artwork (which is not really my favourite style) has been done by the artist who worked already with The Comeback Kid and NoFX.

It is obvious that SoH wanted It's Calculated Murder to be a professional sounding album, and they succeeded. There are maybe no standout tracks on the album, but they all without an exception take advantage of the fluid guitar lines that give the album a certain important warmth. The vocals alternate between well done if typical metalcore screams and occasional melodic counterparts. An intro and two short atmospheric pieces give you a break between the regular songs. Add the short running time, and you're in for an entertaining metalcore album that I give seven subjective points. Add two if you still like the genre. This is certainly not worse, even probably better, than most American genre releases.

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