Spawn Of Possession - Noctambulant

10 songs
41:31 minutes
***** ****


The unappetising cover artwork and the band's label made me expect once again some of the fiercest death metal. After a boring two-minute semi-classical intro (those things were cool in the Eighties, but not now anymore), I was glad to learn that Swedish death metal band Spawn Of Possession are anything but pure noisemongers. True enough, their second album Noctambulant is uncompromising death thrash of the most aggressive kind, but instead of just delivering the goods in a simple yet effective way, they decided to head for the throne of the most technical death metal band out there, nearly outdoing their German counterparts Necrophagist who also combine ultra-progressive riffing with brutal death thrash.

So apart from the intro, there's only ear candy on this album. Especially the guitar work is absolutely exquisite, with the two guitarist's (both called Jonas, which is also the name of their singer... must be quite a frequent thing in Sweden) hardly taking time out for straight chords, instead always picking complicated note sequences as if WatchTower had all of a sudden decided to come back as a death metal outfit, except that Spawn Of Possession understand that it is vital to put their technical skills always in the service of the song, which works outstandingly well.

Sure enough there are these days probably a lot of death metal fans who like their music hard and simple, but if you are not afraid of a little musical challenge, then Noctambulant may be the best technical death metal release of the year.

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