Spider Rockets - Ever After

10 songs
35:57 minutes
***** ***


Ever After is already the third CD by the Spider Rockets from New Jersey, but it’s the first time that this four-piece is released in Europe. Playing an indefinable mixture of rock, metal, punk and gothic, the band’s sound is centred around Helena Cos’ vocals. The result isn’t easy to digest, but these strange and modern sounds make listening an interesting challenge.

The depressive and psychotic opener Too Far sounds a little like Fear Of God and Type O Negative. The vocals remind me of Inger Lorre from the Nymphs, a bizarre indie rock band from the early Nineties. Simple is a quite aggressive song with discrete ethno influences. Hate has a slightly more commercial touch and makes me think a bit of Tool. Something More is based on hard rock riffs, but Facing Fear takes a more spacey turn and its melody refuses to leave your mind any time soon. Reasons For Deceit sounds like a female take on Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. The only duller track is What I Want with its primitive shouting. Helter Skelter, although already often enough covered, is rejuvenated by the Spider Rockets who succeed in rendering another incredible version of this Beatles classic. Names is a RATM influenced crossover track. Whispers has a more relaxed and bluesy atmosphere.

Normally I don’t like writing a CD review by commenting every song. But for Ever After, I didn’t have another choice, as there are no two identical sounding songs on the record. Maybe you could say that the Spider Rockets still haven’t found their direction, but I like their unusual approach towards music and would like to hear more from this outrageous band.

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