Spirit Spiders - A Voice In The Sky

10 songs
43:47 minutes
***** ***
Spirit Spiders Entertainment


The name Spirit Spiders, borrowed from Native American mythology, can look back already on a long history. It was first laid down in 2001 by Frank Reeve who didn’t have a band back then. In 2005 a couple of demos were recorded but never widely distributed. It was only in 2010 when the current line-up of the band coalesced, and then it took two more years before the birth of the first official longplayer. Therefore it’s no surprise that some of the tracks are already somewhat older.

The band doesn’t reveal much about itself, and I get the impression that their biography is not always to be taken literally. The sound is typically English, lying somewhere between the Beatles and King’s X. One thing’s for sure though: they don’t really sound like a band from Germany. The Spirit Spiders are rooted musically deep in the Seventies and place value on wonderfully arranged harmonies. The copious amounts of choirs are also quite pleasant. At times they veer off from this recipe though, as on Antithesis, a short and incredibly noisy outburst. Fairytale shows the band from a slower side which is also a welcome surprise. Otherwise the band offers timeless rock music with the potential to please quite a lot of people. The balance between alternative, rock, lo-fi and more commercial ingredients can be called a success. The only sore point is the overly generous length of the album, as the later songs run a little out of ideas and therefore can’t quite achieve the greatness of what preceded.

The Spirit Spiders took their time to release their first album, but the long wait was worth it. Fans of hearty rock music will get their money’s worth, and tolerant hard rockers and even the clientele of more mainstream rock stations might risk an ear.

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