SPIRIT WEB - Spirit Web

Spirit Web - Spirit Web

13 songs
79:12 minutes
***** *****


Whenever I get that feeling that I don't like traditional heavy metal anymore, that I even despise the clichés you can detect so easily in many "new" old school bands, it happens that a band like Spirit Web appears to show me that not every traditional metal band is necessarily bad, no, that they even might be great.

This album was first released in the year 2000, but now the Belgian classic metal label Mausoleum Records re-release it with 2 bonus tracks, which brings the total playing time close to 80 minutes, which is probably one of the longest CDs I have ever hears. Now there are no really long songs on the album, except for the 8-minutes long Once Beyond, which means that Spirit Web are at home with rather long songs that never become boring though.

Before I start describing their music, I want to say though that these guys are not really youngsters, because they have played in many metal bands from the Chicago scene before they finally started Spirit Web. This hatful of experience is what makes this a truly outstanding experience. It's not all too easy to describe their genre, although it approaches a combination of late-Eighties speed metal with some progressive touches. There are some parallels to some early Fates Warning albums, although Spirit Web is original enough to be called a copy.

There are not really any songs that stick out, but considering the length of the CD, I think that's a good thing, because the quality is always even, and very, very high. A lot of established bands would sell their soul to the Bringer of Light to be able to write material like this.

If you loved metal from 85 to 95 and couldn't get enough of bands like Agent Steel, Toxik, Satan and the likes, you surely will love this gem. One of the very few metal albums I will take with me to the afterlife. Maximum rating guaranteed!

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