SPOOKEY RUBEN - Ausfahrt Walsrode

Spookey Ruben - Ausfahrt Walsrode

5 songs
15:53 minutes
***** ***


More than ten years ago, Spookey Ruben was something like a hero for every nerdy indie rock fan, because back then, in an age of grunge rebellion, he dared to bring humour and fun back into alternative music. After three minor MTV hits, it seemed that Spookey Ruben was done with, with sporadic albums being released but always mostly unavailable outside of Japan. My surprise was therefore huge when I discovered that not only he was now back on a German label, but that his new EP even had a German title and a German song.

As a Canadian, Spookey Ruben must be a real cosmopolitan, having spent time of his youth in Germany, now living in the USA, and having had some fair success in Japan. Ausfahrt Walsrode is only a special limited solo acoustic EP, which means that we only get a good quarter hour of music, among those being a new version of his biggest hit These Days Are Old from his debut album, and two remakes of Dizzy Playground and Who Pulls You Through? from his very rare second album. There are no new versions of songs from the easier available albums Bed and Breakfast. Therefore we are treated with two new songs, which both can be considered highlights of the album. First of all there's the German sung title track, a humoristic ode to the small Northern German town of Walsrode, and the melancholic Children Of The Rich And Famous, a typical guaranteed Spookey Ruben pop ballad.

The instrumentation is mostly acoustic guitar and piano, but there's also a discreet rhythm box on the title track. Let's consider Ausfahrt Walsrode a foretaste for a new band album that's promised for 2007. As an appetiser, it's already very fun, showing that Spookey Ruben is still very much alive and a specialist of the accessible indie pop song.

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