Spy Kowlik - Trois

7 songs
24:44 minutes
***** **


Spy Kowlik are a ska band from Trier that was founded in the beginning of the millennium. The album title Trois lets you guess that this is already the septet’s third release. The two previous albums were Under Suspicion As Ska Attack and Saxophone Suicide.

Spy Kowlik don’t play pure ska, but leave enough room for reggae, rock and even a little jazz. The production is very decent for a self-release, and the songwriting is also quite elaborate. There could be more edges to their sound, but you have to grant Spy Kowlik that they have a good ear for melodies, giving their songs instant hit character. This shouldn’t imply that everything sounds the same. Some track are of course classical two tone ska, but there are also a few slower pieces that should appeal to reggae fans. Standout moments are the rocking Ska Carnival with guitar solo and the final My Old Lady which combines ska with swing elements.

Trois is a very entertaining CD that makes fun listening to again and again. Released already in 2007, a new album should come in the middle of this year. After their convincing live shows, it’s hard to imagine that anything could go wrong here.

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