SQUAD 21 - Skullduggery

Squad 21 - Skullduggery

14 songs
39:43 minutes
***** **
Go Nuts


Squad 21 is a newly founded band by Gus Chambers who became quite popular as the singer of thrash metal act Grip Inc. featuring Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. Regretting that Grip Inc. are not touring enough, he decided to return to his punk roots. As Gus Chambers used to be in two bands called The Squad and 21 Guns in the early Eighties, he combined the names to create Squad 21, located in Dortmund with newcomers from Germany. This new band has a very raw punk rock attitude with street credibility. They like loud guitars, simple tunes and I wouldn't be surprised if they rocked hard on stage. Squad 21 - that's high energy punkrock with simple chords, great melodies, catchy choruses and a lot of power! The songs, produced by Gus Chambers himself, aren't very innovative, but I can't imagine that this was his goal. He probably just likes to have something to do when Grip Inc don't work and Squad 21 is the right medium to have some fun as a musician. Very suitable for punk veterans, but kiddie punks should think twice before buying.

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