Squarefeet - Fat Feet

4 songs
29:55 minutes
***** **


Helping to create the Finnish goa sound, Squaremeat was one of the genre’s pioneers in the late Nineties. When they broke apart, Pepe Kosminen – one half of the duo – decided to continue as Squarefeet. Fat Feet is his first release under that name, and although it’s only an EP, the half hour playing time seems more than generous.

The CD starts with Mirror Calm, with six and a half minutes the shortest track featured here. Right from the beginning, we get the typical psytrance sound Exogenic Records is so well known for. A throbbing bass line lays the groundwork for more nervous percussive hi-hats, while a wobbling synth line is snaking its way through. Meditative synth and guitar sounds plus shaky female vocals furthermore help to make this piece a perfect example of interesting Suomi music. The following Frostbite even comes with more lead guitar which helps to shift it towards psychedelic space rock. The Squarefeet remix of On – Onko, with eight and a half minutes the longest piece on the EP – adds breakbeats to the otherwise trancy music, preparing the listener for the concluding Hima Laaja, the most ethnic sounding featured here.

The first half of Fat Feet is a stellar example of how electronic music can even appeal to people who otherwise are averse to clubbing. Combining ethno world beats with psychedelic trance techno has rarely sounded more organic. The latter half unfortunately can’t keep quite up, with the remix feeling a bit askew in the overall atmosphere, while the final track is too ethno for my taste.

No matter what, we should keep our eyes and ears open for the forthcoming longplayer by Squarefeet, a singularly gifted electronic artist from Finland who is unafraid of crossing borders.

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