STARFISH PRIME - The Architect Wants To Know

Starfish Prime - The Architect Wants To Know

8 songs
36:38 minutes
***** ***
The Finest Noise


It is actually bordering on insolence, the way Cologne based quartet Starfish Prime is rendering homage to Mars Volta. The charismatic vocals combined with the psychedelic, piercing guitar style, offer everything fans of the Texan rock band have come to admire, and still I find myself liking this debut album rather a lot.

Why is that? Unlike their idols, Starfish Prime limit their songs to normal running times between three and six minutes, making their material more accessible and easier to digest. That doesn’t mean that Starfish Prime play simple music. Everything is thoroughly thought through, with a lot of variety added, from more cathartic tracks (Reason Erased, Stop’n’Go Mantra) to mellower material (Fear Of Empty Spaces). On the latter you might even discern parallels to Blackmail, which shouldn’t surprise considering that Kurt Ebelhäuser was in charge of the end mix.

The Architect Wants To Know… turns out to be an exceptionally pleasant debut album by a promising band that has somehow achieved to surpass its influences, at least by way of catchiness. I would have liked them only to come up with maybe one or two more songs, as the quite short length of not even forty minutes might not only leave me wanting for more. Let’s hope that Starfish Prime will stay around for a long time in order to pamper us with more of their psychedelic guitar rock!

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