Stargazery - Eye On The Sky

10 songs
55:21 minutes
Pure Legend


Stargazery is a Finnish melodic metal band which was founded in 2006 by former members of Burning Point and MSG. They like to be compared to Rainbow’s late era, which was certainly not their best one. In 2007, the band released their first single Dying, but then it took them four more years before their debut longplayer Eye On The Sky was ready to come out.

Their single has been chosen as the opener of the album and instantly reveals the band’s weaknesses. This kind of music might have been a little popular in the Eighties with Scandinavian bands like TNT and Europe, but today this comes across as a total anachronism. Maybe there will be some few Axxis fans whose interest might be awakened, but even those are an endangered species. It gets worse though with Every Day I Dream Of You, a ballad whose title should be indication enough of its high kitsch factor. And even when Stargazery play faster, they never manage to come up with anything captivating. I even get the impression that they are running out of ideas quite quickly. There is nothing wrong with the technical point of view, but then that’s the case with most bands signed by a record label. The album ends with a cover version of Black Sabbath’s Headless Cross, another example of how these Finns seem to prefer classic bands in their later, less interesting stages.

You definitely have to love melodic metal to even consider checking out Stargazery. Other people will be repelled by the shallowness of their music that definitely needs more power.

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