STATION 17 - Goldstein Variationen

Station 17 - Goldstein Variationen

12 songs
60:06 minutes
***** ***


Station 17 from Hamburg is a collaboration of mentally challenged and not mentally challenged music friends, and has been around already since 1988. The project was founded by Kai Boysen, with the support of the Evangelische Stiftung Altersdorf, releasing in all those years five official albums and a remix CD. The band has also been playing many live shows and worked with renowned producers like Holger Czukay, FM Einheit, Thomas Fehlmann, DJ Koze and Cosmic DJ. Even former Echt guitarist Kim Fischer helps out from time to time.

To celebrate their twentieth anniversary, Station 17 wrote and recorded twelve new songs with German artists of the most different backgrounds. The CD starts successfully with a Fettes Brot piece that offers their typical relaxed hip hop sounds. This is followed by minimalist electro pop with Stereo Total that should appeal to all of their fans. Robocop Kraus’ contribution, though danceable, could have done with more pep. The first longer track – seven and a half minutes – comes from Schneider TM, oscillating between electro and ambient. A positive surprise is their collaboration with Melissa Logan from Chicks On Speed that offers a great mix of grooves and psychedelia. Next are a couple of electronic trance tracks with Michael Rother, Von Spar and Kalabrese. Jazzy improvisations are on order with Barbara Morgenstern, whereas Knarf Rellöm Trinity convinces as always with this trademark electro beat sound. Ted Gaier & Melissa Morgan present an instrumental piece before the CD ends with a pleasantly kitsch contribution by Guildo Horn, who is not only a comedian, but also a skilled educator for handicapped people.

No one will like all the songs on this compilation. Only two thirds of the tracks work for me, but this integration project is something quite unique and strongly creative, deserving the support of every eclectic music fan.

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