STEEL ASSASSIN - In Hellfire Forged

Steel Assassin - In Hellfire Forged

8 songs
37:29 minutes
***** ***
High Roller


Steel Assassin from Massachusetts were never actually a vastly popular band. They only released two demo EPs in the mid-Eighties, then broke up and only resurfaced twenty years later. The first official longplayer came out in 2007, which is now followed by In Hellfire Forged, an authentic trip back in time.

Five of the eight featured tracks were already first released on the two demos. Although self-released on CD, these newly recorded songs will also see a limited colour vinyl release courtesy of High Roller Records. Band name and cover artwork let us expect classic metal from the Eighties.

Music and lyrics omit not a single cliché. The five musicians play earthy US metal with strong emphasis on speed, fierce guitar riffs and powerful drums. Comparisons with bands like Virgin Steele and Jag Panzer are in order. My personal favourite is Burn Witch Burn which contains the highest amount of ideas and a feeling not unlike Holy Terror. The production is clean and transparent without neglecting the special flair of early metal.

Those growing up with US and speed metal will have a hell of a time with Steel Assassin. Younger generations will probably shake their heads in disbelief at such an old school release, but anyone over thirty-five, like me, will be overcome by nostalgic memories.

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