STIGMA - Concerto For The Undead

Stigma - Concerto For The Undead

10 songs
42:02 minutes
***** **


Stigma are not to be confused with the solo outing from Agnostic Front guitarist Vinnie Stigma, but is a brutal Italian metal band. In 2007 the showed up with their competent debut When Midnight Strikes, followed now three years later by its successor Concerto For The Undead.

Like on the debut, they once again skilfully combine ultra hard and fast riffs with melodic elements. The music is undeniably aggressive, but playful guitar parts help to add a certain loosening counterpart. At times the band puts the emphasis on fat grooves, as on the stomping A Monstrous Feeling. At other times, they play very fast and show that metalcore is an important ingredient for them too. And They Died Happily Ever After! and 3000 Years And Still Keeping It Real are two good examples to highlight that latter approach. As on the predecessor, they hired some famous guests: Jon Hunt (Dead To Fall) and Jamie Hope (Red Shore). Honestly though, without the info sheet, I wouldn’t have noticed, as those raw voices all sound rather alike to me.

By themselves, every single track on Concerto For The Undead is entertaining, but they do all follow more or less similar patterns, either melodic death metal or metalcore. The band risks therefore losing their audience’s attention after a certain time. Technically everything is beyond a blame, but the band should work on a more varied sound in order to stand out in their chosen genres.

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