STONEMAN - Human Hater

Stoneman - Human Hater

11 songs
41:21 minutes


Stoneman are a metal band from Switzerland lying stylistically somewhere between gothic and industrial. After two releases in 2006 and 2007, they took a little more time before coming back with their third longplayer Human Hater.

I better confess that I am not overly fond of their chosen direction, as their music is trying too hard to hold on to the Nineties. Somehow you get the impression as if Sisters Of Mercy wanted to be an industrial band. Sometimes you’ll also encounter nu metal and NDH influences, but that also doesn’t really add much to the result. The production has turned out to be very impressive, but can’t hide the fact that Stoneman still lack good songwriting skills. I usually like it when a band opens their ears to different genres, but Stoneman forget to focus their ideas into a coherent whole. I especially was turned off by the raw vocals that become monotonous quite soon.

The album features two guest musicians. Horror punk icon Wednesday 13 sings on Zombie Zoo, while the concluding soft rock song No Sweet November comes with vocals by German industrial artist Van Velvet.

Human Hater feels too electronic and uninspired. With the ongoing flood of new bands, I doubt that Stoneman will have a chance to make it big. The band name itself couldn’t also be more misleading!

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