STONERIDER - Three Legs Of Trouble

Stonerider - Three Legs Of Trouble

10 songs
39:32 minutes
***** ***


Three Legs Of Trouble is the first CD released under the name Stonerider, but the same line-up started already as Fight Paris in 2002 and released the album Paradise, Found in 2005. Maybe the original name sounded to brutal compared to the music, but the new one describes already pretty well what to expect.

The record label stayed the same, one member left, and their sound is now a little less Southern rock as still was the case before. Fans of the first hour should still get their kicks out of Stonerider, because the Atlanta boys a rocking a grooving like hell. There is a definite fondness for AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, and artists like Black Crowed or Lenny Kravitz are easily outrun on certain tracks. Compared to the aforementioned bands, Stonerider have a rougher approach without totally giving up on occasional sleaze elements. Also the Nazareth cover version Hair Of The Dog convinces.

Don’t expect anything original from Stonerider. And even if cynics might dismiss them as a band that wants to profit from the retro rock revival, Stonerider’s music has too much soul and fun to justify such a statement. And who knows, maybe Stonerider achieve a similar accomplishment to the one Wolfmother did three years ago.

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