STONER KINGS - Brimstone Blues

Stoner Kings - Brimstone Blues

10 songs
40:48 minutes
***** ***


You can't say that those Fins have chosen a very original name. Just imagine Iron Maiden would have called themselves the heavy metal kings. Sounding ridiculous, doesn't it. But the Stoner Kings describe themselves as 'the hippest damn rock act that would ever shake the earth' and this description isn't too far away from the real facts. Since 1996, they have been rocking around Finland with a good combination of dirty rock'n'roll, some glam, some metal and of coarse stoner influences. This unusual mixture also brings a lot of variety into the debut CD called Brimstone Blues (the album has nothing to do with blues). One of my favourite tracks is the cool and danceable Cosmic Dancer. The opener The Ebb And The Flow is strongly inspired by Black Sabbath during the Ozzy Osbourne era. Cabblestone Road or Limbonic Void are faster and heavier songs. Stonehenge shows that the Stoner Kings also know to play sleazy. I think that fans of the Spiritual Beggars or the Hellacopters may appreciate what the Stoner Kings play on their debut. A very good one, but not exceptional.

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