STONE SOUR - Stone Sour

Stone Sour - Stone Sour

13 songs
51:05 minutes
***** ****


Stone Sour were already founded in 1992 by Corey Taylor, the actual Slipknot singer. As he was concentrating in the last few years more on his number one nu metal band, it lasted until 2002 before Stone Sour released their debut. Another Slipknot musician is drummer Joel Ekman. There are of course strong parallels between both bands concerning the vocals. Especially the first tracks Get Inside and Orchids show an excellent mix of brutal roars, melodic parts and spoken words. Surprisingly, after this quite extreme beginning, the songs tend more into an alternative direction, of course often shaken by harder breaks. You can describe the music as nu metal with a strong alternative approach. Corey Taylor shows that he is an excellent singer for both kinds of music. Melodic and more extreme parts are not a challenge for him. Bother, which can also be heard on the Spiderman soundtrack, is even a ballad reminding a bit of the Red Hot Chilipeppers. Although nearly no band has for me the class of Slipknot, Stone Sour is an extremely good alternative rocking band and much better than the likes of Nickelback and Staind

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