STORMWIND - Rising Symphony

Stormwind - Rising Symphony

11 songs
40:49 minutes
***** **


Already the first few notes of the first song Touch The Flames let you guess that Stormwind are a metal band from Sweden. It's nearly a shame how they dare to copy the guitar style of Swedish legend Yngwie J. Malmsteen. Singer Thomas Vikström, a former Swedish karate champion and sparring partner for Dolph Lundgren, is sounding as he was the younger brother of Joe Lynn Turner. Nevertheless this is a very powerful track, although showing not the slightest signs of originality. Eyes Of Change is another very good melodic metal track, but more bombastic than the song before. Stranger From The Sea has a beautiful melody, although the song may be too dramatic for some listeners. The sixth Stormwind album is very powerful, but a lullaby like River Of Love is as superfluous as a fly in a glass of beer. If you want to know how Kenny G is sounding on metal, just listen to Streets Of Prishtine. Not a compliment for this song. Apart from two weaker songs, Stormwind have produced a real good melodic better, and they have done a huge progress compared to their fifth output Reflections. But you have to like that kind of music.

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