STORMWITCH - Dance With The Witches

Stormwitch - Dance With The Witches

12 songs
54:22 minutes


It's sometimes plainly brutal, but the sole fact that a band has been around for almost 20 years doesn't mean they must be good. Quite the contrary: as far as I can remember, Stormwitch have always been just second, if not third league game. Sure, their label may call them now the masters of black romantic, but I more and more get the impression that a lot of old true metal bands make reunions only because one of their songs was covered by Hammerhead. I mean, this just happened with the lukewarm Warlord comeback album, and now here's a new Stormwitch album, after 8 years of being undone.

Well, I may as well try to have an objective look at this piece of plastic. There are twelve songs on the album, and they all more or less head in the melodic metal direction. I don't know what's black about is, and romantic are only the ballads... not even good ballads, if you ask me. Even more accessible songs like Jeanne d'Arc and The Devil's Bride are never really kicking ass, which is because of the - in my opinion - too oldish sounding way of writing songs. There should be definitely more power to the vocals, and the music as a whole also sounds way too "commercial" for my tastes.

15 years ago, when I was totally into speed and thrash, I would have dismissed this album as the work of posers. Today, I am older and greying, so I just say that this is an album I fail to see the goal of. People who love traditional metal either buy the originals from the 80ies or should check out new fine bands like Spirit Web, Eidolon or Powergod (just to name a few), but this is like trying to ride a wave that's already flattening out. 3 weak points because they know how to play their instruments, and some melodies are nice (but nice is all there is to it).

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