STRAWS - Tales Of An Everyday Life

Straws - Tales Of An Everyday Life

10 songs
36:35 minutes
***** *


The Straws are a three-piece from Arlon in Belgium that plays a mixture of indie rock, melodic punk and guitar driven pop music. The band has been together for two years, but it seems as if the release of Tales Of An Everyday Life has still come too early as the album contains as many sunny as shadowy sides.

The opener Call It As You Wish underlines the band's fondness for the Dandy Warhols without reaching the same quality level. Six minutes is just too much for this song. White Line has a stronger punk touch and feels inspired by Green Day. The first two songs display the band as an average rock band, but the following three tracks (Hollywood, Because Of You, Rain In The Surprise) are so awkward that it’s a mystery how they found their way on the CD. Even young student bands appearing at newcomer contests have material far above what The Straws are playing.

Finally The Straws find the right way back. Whistling In The Wind and the funny Sex With Your Ex are dynamic rock songs. Oregon, USA is a song about the Dandy Warhols home state, It reminds me of Alwin Depauw has a well arranged Weezer flair and the last song Stars + Straps gives the album a reconciling ending.

The Straws are playing a kind of music that's currently quite popular. As there are many bands better at this, it will be quite hard for them to be discovered with the competition fierce at it is.

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