STREAM OF PASSION - The Flame Within

Stream Of Passion - The Flame Within

13 songs
54:39 minutes
***** ***


A couple of years ago, Stream Of Passion were founded by Dutch multi-talent Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) and released a first CD Embrace The Sun in 2005. Shortly after, he and two other members left which could have doomed this still fresh band. In the meantime they managed to grow to a sextet consisting of musicians from the Netherlands and Mexico.

On their second studio album The Flame Within, Stream Of Passion play well done female fronted gothic metal that doesn’t offer anything substantially new. This doesn’t sound too promising at first, but the record still managed to capture quite quickly my attention. This is probably due to the great soprano voice of Marcela Bovio, who masters both angelic and operatic vocals. She is one of the strongest singers I have come across in the gothic genre and doesn’t have to hide between the ladies of Within Temptation, Edenbride, Epica, etc. The keyboards also play a non-negligible part, are always integrated harmonically and never feel obtrusive. The songwriting is quite varied, too. The album contains two piano ballads (one of which – what a surprise! – concluded the record) that are too mellow for my taste, but romantic, symphonic, operatic, groovy and even sometimes commercial elements make sure that there will never be a moment of boredom. Stream Of Passion’s main strength is how uncomplicatedly and naturally they do their thing, which allows the lacking originality to go often unnoticed.

The Flame Within is definitely one of the better albums in the gothic metal genre. If they managed to add in the future more own ideas into their music, I am certain that they can play with the big dogs. Fans of the genre are still recommended to give them a chance, because Stream Of Passion show tremendous potential on their new CD.

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