STRIKER - City Of Gold

Striker - City Of Gold

11 songs
45:16 minutes
***** ***


Two years after Armed To The Teeth, Canadian metal band Striker is back with its third album titled City Of Gold. I can only advise you fasten your seatbelts if you are willing to enter this time travel to classic heavy metal music.

I was mostly thoroughly excited, from the first to the last song. The five musicians convince from the start with fast riffs that take no prisoners. I need to especially highlight the harmonic interaction between the two guitars that reminded me of Iron Maiden. There are also a lot of guitar solos, which doesn’t bother in the slightest. Striker are acting more aggressive than the British legend, and therefore prefers comparisons to their countrymen Exciter, which also makes sense. The outstanding high vocals by Dan Clearny allow parallels to Helstar’s James Rivera. The only disappointment on the album is Bad Decisions, which really does its title justice. I don’t know what made the band play such a slow song that it could pass as AOR. This is fortunately the only weak moment on an album that otherwise offers only powerful songs with melodic choruses that add a welcome variation. On Mind Control I was astonished at how much anger can come from a band like Striker. Second Attack, with its rather hectic finish, is another track that deserves to be singled out. City Of Gold comes in a regular edition and in a limited edition with four bonus tracks: three own songs plus a cover version of Iron Maiden’s Two Minutes To Midnight.

Everyone into timeless heavy metal spiced with elements of power and speed metal will be delighted by Striker. The Canadian may not offer anything truly new, but they sure as hell have the right attitude. Nostalgic metal fans are at the right address with Striker.

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