STUCK MOJO - Southern Born Killers

Stuck Mojo - Southern Born Killers

10 songs
46:50 minutes


I fondly remember the days when heavy metal was a tool to criticise and attack political bigotry. Unfortunately, times have changed, especially in the USA, where rock music is more and more used as an instrument for the ruling classes. While Ted Nugent was always a right wing nut, other wannabe cowboys are following his lead. Kid Rock for instance once played at a Republican meeting, and then there is Stuck Mojo, whose new album Southern Born Killers is one of the most hateful and despicable pieces of music I have ever heard. Unlike M.O.D. whose bullyish Billy Milano cannot be taken seriously, Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward is much more literate and therefore dangerous when it comes to expressing his opinions.

The album starts with two jingoist rap metal songs, I’m American and the title track, both of which sound incredibly great, a little like early Body Count, except that the latter were lyrically wittier. The hiphop influenced The Sky Is Falling takes the band into crazy endtime religious hysteria, and it’s here where it seems clear why their former vocalist left them. Apparently he was fed up with the political bias of the lyrics. Not that their new vocalist, Lord Nelson, is bad, but it’s a bit weird how an African American from South Carolina can be the singer in a conservative band. Things get truly disgusting with the spoken word track For The Cause Of Allah where Walid Shoebat, a former PLO member now turned Christian extremist who claims that Islam is potentially more dangerous than National Socialism, unleashes a string of hatred against all that is Islam. This track is followed by Open Season, whose offensive video clip was banned by YouTube but of course can still be found on many right wing blogs.

It’s sad to have a band that still adheres to the spirit of crossover metal when that genre was still fresh and unused, and have them display such outrageous positions that make them untenable in civilised and informed societies. Rednecks will certainly love this preaching-to-the-converted mentality, but I hope that Europe’s more liberal society will just ignore this attempt at ultra-conservative, sometimes even racist drivel.

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