STUPID - That Faded Smile Of Yours

Stupid - That Faded Smile Of Yours

10 songs
30:32 minutes
***** *
One Take


Emo has become a very pejorative expression lately. Which used to be a innovative run at the fading punk boom has slowly coalesced in a rather predictable genre with often whiny vocals. Stupid from Germany are unlikely to change that trend. Their album That Faded Smile Of Yours comes in a very professionally designed digipak, which makes you wonder if the guys shouldn't have invested the money in a more focused production. In fact that's where the problem is: where many emo bands get good results with a tight sound, Stupid come across as ambitioned beginners: the vocals are a bit shaky at times, the mastering didn't seem to get all the instruments melded together. Still this is not what I would call a bad album, because the songwriting is rather flawless. Heart rendering melodies, fast rhythm, guitar harmonies and sometimes nice backing vocals make for nice listening. With a better sound, this album could have come close to the level of their American peers. That Faded Smile Of Yours is an album of good songs and mediocre sound, Vancouver and Barely Able are two tracks worth checking out. All of you who like emo punk (Jimmy Eat World, Weston) and also power pop (Weezer, Posies), and who want to support newcomer bands, should risk an ear with Stupid.

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