SUG(R)CANE - It's Like A Monday But It's Not

Sug(r)cane - It's Like A Monday But It's Not

6 songs
15:46 minutes
***** *


It’s been only four months since Sug(r)cane’s last album Under The Sea, his first album with a vocalist. Released on the French label Chez Kito Kat, it mostly featured lengthy songs in the artist’s typical shoegaze indietronica sound, with the exception of having Deborah Lehnen adding her vocals to the material. Now Victor is back with his new EP It’s Like A Monday But It’s Not, this time on the local net label Schnurstrax, making it therefore available for free.

Sug(r)cane must have thought that less is more, because the six song make it only to a good quarter hour of music, with only Grow Up Like A Flower making it over the three minute border. He’s gone back to his instrumental roots, immersing the listener in his trademark sound of lush electronic soundscapes, discreetly clicking beats and an omnipresent soothing atmosphere.

All of this is of course Sug(r)cane as we have come to know and like him, but still I am left with the impression that these are rather miniatures than downright songs. This kind of music, in my opinion, needs space to unfold, but in the context of this concise environment, the tracks are already over once you start feeling comfortable with them. Still, it’s certainly a good (and free) way to familiarise yourself with the musical universe of Sug(r)cane, and the next more regular release will certainly not be a long way off.

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