SUG(R)CANE - Under The Sea

Sug(r)cane - Under The Sea

7 songs
38:36 minutes
***** **
Chez Kito Kat


Sug(r)cane has been regaling us with his shoegazing indietronica since the late Nineties. Most of the time his records have been pure instrumental affairs, but on Under The Sea he chose to hire the vocal talents of Deborah Lehnen from Birdbones.

In the past, Sug(r)cane’s music built up its enchanting tension by assembling subtle beats, inspiring atmospheres and most of all reverse guitar loops into something rather unique in the local music scene. The question is now how well this is supposed to work with a vocalist. Deborah Lehnen seems to be an accomplished jazz vocalist, but her collaboration with Sug(r)cane works truly well only on the catchy Sunny Day, with five minutes one of the shorter tracks on the album. Her three other contributions (When Heart Breaks, Under The Sea, Believe It Or Not) all make it over seven minutes. Furthermore the pleasant three minute ride Youth works with mesmerising vocal samples, the one minute short The Moon works quite ok as an interlude, and the concluding instrumental Ariel finally convinced me that I still prefer his music without vocals. That may be because the two artists may not yet have to time to fully elaborate on their collaboration.

Under The Sea is a promising start into a new direction for Sug(r)cane, and it is understandable that after more than ten years, he is keen on doing something new and more accessible to probably reach wider audiences.

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