SUPERCHARGER - That’s How We Roll

Supercharger - That’s How We Roll

12 songs
45:54 minutes
***** ***


These Danes are truly hyperactive. It’s not even been a year since they released their debut album Handgrenade Blues, and now they are already back with the follow-up That’s How We Roll, a logical successor of its predecessor that shows how AC/DC would sound today had they not aged so much.

The so-called Danish Dynamite not only ignites on the soccer field, but also works with timeless rock music. Supercharger are still very young and therefore sound totally unused and uncomplicated. Some of their tracks this time contain some Southern rock influences, where especially Rise And Fall and You Disgust Me deserve to be highlighted. Actually the new album seems to be more varied than the debut, which is another point in favour of the band. Are You Satisfied? has a certain Brit pop flair and strong hit potential. The latter also counts for Roll The Dice, a rock hymn that has all it takes to become an authentic party hit. But Supercharger master also their quieter moments. I want to point out the relaxed, soul-like Redemption Song with a female guest vocal part, and Sunrise Over Reeperbahn, an acoustic bluegrass track with mouth organ. Despite these excursions into mellower territories, basic rock is still and undisputedly the foundation of their music, and I don’t think that one should expect anything else from Supercharger.

If you liked their debut, you will certainly not be disappointed by That’s How We Roll. Is it the cold weather or the lack of sunshine that makes the best rock albums come from Northern Europe? Be that as it may be, I can only recommend very strongly Supercharger.

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