Supreme Majesty - Danger

9 songs
43:36 minutes
***** *


Supreme Majesty started out in 2001 with Tales Of A Tragic Kingdom, an album I still have vaguely in my mind but can't remember that much. At least I wasn't expecting something like the nine new songs of their follow-up album called Danger. And it may well be a dangerous game the Swedes are playing here. Where most of their fellow countrymen indulge in the various subgenres of true metal, you get something unexpectedly commercial here. Already the opener Fallen Star sounds different. Although still 100% Scandinavian, this is more Europe than it is Hammerfall. The very dominant keyboards, the excessive arena rock sound and the many sing-a-long parts would have made this album go platinum about 15 to 20 years ago, but nowadays this is more of a curiosity.

Still I am not saying that this is a bad album. The three first songs are really great for what they are (which means if you like hymnic melodic hard rock), and only ballads like Until The End Of Time and By Your Side take the steam out of the music. Best song is Two Against Many, a tune I could have sworn I heard somewhere before, but as far as I know, this is not a cover version. Haircrime Bon Jovi would be jealous of this.

All in all we should pay respect for a band that has the balls to release something this commercial in a time where every other metal band wants to be true, but will there be many people still in this music? Shooting sometimes over the line, this is still a valid experience of melodic rock. Most of the times not that soft, but not that hard either. I have to confess I rather like it, but anything more than 6 points would make me a poser, I guess...

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