SURFACE HOAR - These Terrible Dreams

Surface Hoar - These Terrible Dreams

6 songs
34:25 minutes
Galloping Foxley


Once in a while I get promotional material where it is really hard to call their contents music. Surface Hoar is a one man project who commits six songs about insects on tape, and therefore the “music” on the CD sounds very insect-like. It would be fair to call this some kind of field-recordings, or electro-acoustic noise. There’s probably some tape effects, diverse effect machines, any other kind of sound treatment, and probably hardly any real instruments. Sometimes a discreet beat is building up in the background, but eventually These Terrible Dreams is a nightmarish soundscape that feels like the happenings in a boiler room when listened to under water. Experimental fetishists probably get their kicks out of the insect concept of the album, but be warned: this is not what I call music, and therefore I find it hard or even impossible to give it a rating.

Same reasoning applies for Honey, Surface Hoar’s preceding EP that sounded a lot like the album, except shorter.

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