SURF ME UP, SCOTTY! - Surf Now, Apocalypse Later

Surf Me Up, Scotty! - Surf Now, Apocalypse Later

11 songs
40:42 minutes
***** ***
Backwash / Winged Skull


We had to wait for about six years for Surf Me Up, Scotty! to release their second CD. They are not a too busy band, but the 11 songs on the new output represent the current status of Luxemburg's Number One garage surf band very well. Unfortunately the opener South Of The Border isn't too well chosen as it's their most boring track. I would have preferred a more groovy song as a starter. But after this little mistake, the quality level on the album is rising quickly. Surfing With Sharks is a cover version by The Aqualads and my impression is that the cover versions are better than their own songs. That is not a problem as they don't cover popular stuff, so most listeners won't recognise the songs. Other covers are from The Pixies (Cecilia Ann), the grand master of surf rock Dick Dale (The Victor), The Original Surfaris (Bombora) and D.I. (O.C. Life). SMUS even cover themselves with a new version of their debut hit Desperado On The Beach on this album. But although there are many cover versions, my favourite song is written themselves, namely Horror On Party Beach where the organs are very dominant which make this the most trashy song on the album. Backseat Ballad is very mellow, but somehow interesting, although I'm happy that there's no second song like this on the record. SMUS are an instrumental band, but there are some female spoken word vocals on one song (Downhill Madness). I'm not at all a surf expert, but I really like what I've heard during. On CD, SMUS are nearly as strong as on stage.

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