SVARTSOT - Maledictus Eris

Svartsot - Maledictus Eris

11 songs
46:19 minutes


Danish folk metal band Svartsot are back with a new album, and once again I have had the dubious duty to write a review. I was not overly fond of their first two albums Ravnenes Saga and Mulmets Viser, and I can’t say that things have improved with their third album Maledictus Eris. They repeat the mistakes of the past, making it hard to write anything that hasn’t been written before.

The album begins with a customary short intro which is probably meant to convey the atmosphere of an ancient Viking settling. This is followed by a fast folk song where the interaction between the loud flute and the heavy guitars works well. From a musical perspective, the band is acting professionally. Most tracks are played at a brisk pace, but also the dragging Den Forgængelige Tro and the mid-tempo Kunsten At Dø are beyond a blame. The problem is mainly vocalist Thor Bager’s performance. I cannot get used to his growls, and during the entire three-quarter hours of the album, he never once manages to come up with a standout moment. He is sounding totally uninspired with his monotonous brutal voice that destroys the otherwise good music. On the dreamy Spigrene the vocals improve but I suspect that we are here in the presence of a guest vocalist, as I wouldn’t expect Mr Bager to sing so well in a clean voice.

My opinion hasn’t changed with Svartsot’s new album. The band has a lot to offer from a musical perspective, but the vocals drag everything down. The band seems to be stagnating right now, which is something negative and explains the lower rating. Let’s hope that the band will work on the vocal problem for the next album.

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