SWALLOW THE SUN - Ghosts Of Loss

Swallow The Sun - Ghosts Of Loss

8 songs
65:57 minutes
***** ***


Swallow The Sun have the honour of being the first doom metal band ever to enter the regular Finnish pop charts. A first look at their second album makes you wonder if Finland loves long songs, as STS's hit song Forgive Her... is clocking in at nine minutes (although the single probably contains a radio edit), but a closer inspection reveals that although the band loves to write sprawling epics, they are far less extreme than the new breed of doom (Khanate, Yob, Ramesses,... just to name a few).

This melodic doom death metal reminds of My Dying Bride, early Anathema, Katatonia and the more laid back Opeth, and although this already makes it really hard for STS to come up with something really new, the way they play their music puts them instantly at the top of the genre. The relatively slow pace leaves a lot of room for the exquisite guitar work, with the keyboards adding layers of atmosphere and the rhythm section doing a solid work too. The vocalists is as well at ease with death growls as with melodic parts.

With only one song slightly shorter than six minutes, Ghosts Of Loss is especially a treat for people who love their songs long and full of moods and ideas (the opener The Giant has enough of them in its twelve minutes), but also regular doom death fans will get their pleasure out of this masterfully done album.

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