SWARM - Beyond The End

Swarm - Beyond The End

10 songs
42:55 minutes
***** **8


Swarm consist of three musicians from Death Angel, one of the best Bay Area melodic thrash bands of the Eighties. I think that Room With A View was their greatest success. After the release of a 4 track EP released in mid-2002, they come back only several months later with their first full-length CD Beyond The End. The opener Heaven's Cage is quite an aggressive track which doesn't show too many parallels to the past. Most songs like Bleed or Beyond The End are funky, a kind of music which appeared also as an influence on many Death Angel songs. One of my favourite tracks is Sengir Vampire, the grooviest song on the entire CD. The last track is a cover version of My Eyes Have Seen You, a song first performed by The Doors, and the new version is quite close to the original. The quite aggressive funk metal with often spoken vocals is not very trendy anymore, but I think that fans of this music style will like this short nostalgic trip into the past. I just regret that the cover art is too much looking like a martial arts computer game.

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