SWITCHBLADE - Switchblade

Switchblade - Switchblade

3 songs
49:13 minutes
***** ***
Trust No One


While many bands are spending days, weeks or months finding catchy titles for their new records, Swedish three-piece Switchblade has released only self-titled albums since their debut in 2000 when at least their songs still had names. This also changed from the second CD on a year later when even the different tracks were no longer labelled, making it even more difficult for their fans (and maybe also for themselves?) to get access to their music.

With the release date set to 9th September 2009 (9/9/9 – like an inverted 666), the three Swedes decided to subdivide their fifty minute behemoth into three parts that segue seamlessly into one another. With such a strong concept behind the music, it’s not surprising that Switchblade sound as mean as never before. Using elements from doom, sludge and drone, their music is creeping slowly through your stereo, with a threatening atmosphere that lets you anticipate the worst. The drums are played ponderously slow, the guitar unleashes toxic riffs that sometimes have an endless afterlife, and the anguished vocals are a testimony to unadulterated suffering that couldn’t underline better the apocalyptic mood of this fifth self-titled album.

All of this has been done already in a more extreme fashion by bands like Sunn 0))), Khanate and anything else featuring drone god Stephen O' Malley, but Switchblade have a different approach. Having their roots still clearly in the metal genre, their chosen style tries to reconcile their origins with an extremity that seems to become stronger the longer they exist. At times, Switchblade may seem at times a little overindulgent, but their music unfolds its magic only once you turn up the volume and let yourself immerse into their droning riffs and pounding beats. Switchblade have created the perfect soundtrack for those nightmares where you want to run away from something evil but cannot move your legs fast enough because they feel like stuck in molasses.

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