THE SWORD - Apocryphon

The Sword - Apocryphon

10 songs
44:10 minutes
***** **


The Sword are from Texas and have been around since 2003. They started as a stoner / doom band, and later added Seventies styled hard rock to their sound. Apocryphon is already their fourth album and shows that their current sound would unthinkable without the retro component.

The opener Veil Of Isis is also the album’s highlight and offers traditional doom metal with a strong hard rock touch that reminds strongly of the early Black Sabbath. But also the first albums by Trouble are mirrored, and especially the vocals show some parallels. Although the ten tracks hardly sound the same, the flair of Seventies hard rock is something they all have in common. Some songs put more emphasis on the doom elements and could maybe do with a little more punch. The Hidden Masters for instance is one such example where the band doesn’t seem to get along. Their groovier side works better for The Sword, like Arcane Montane which sounds a lot like King’s X. Occasionally the band even dares to raise the pace, as on Execrator, although altogether the tempo is rarely that elevated, and the low tuned guitars make sure that the stoner faction will feel right at home.

Even though Apocryphon isn’t a bad album, I still had a hard time getting to really like it. The music just sounds too dated, and maybe I am just fonder of the retro metal sound of the Eighties than of the retro rock sounds of the Seventies. If you like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Trouble and Masters Of Reality – and I do like all four of them – then you might still get a good time out of The Sword’s fourth record.

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