SYCRONOMICA - Sycroscope

Sycronomica - Sycroscope

9 songs
54:52 minutes
***** ***


Undecipherable black metal logos have been around since there was black metal, but the Bavarian Sycronomica can pride themselves in having taking this phenomenon over the top. I doubt that there are a lot of record dealers able to shelve this album alphabetically. But maybe they are already familiar with their band, as Sycroscope is already their third album after Paths (2004) and Gate (2006).

Fortunately, the content pleases more than the packaging, as Sycronomica are one of the biggest hopes of the German symphonic black metal scene. The album starts with a cheesy intro full of pathos that is accompanied by a tenor vocalist. After this, things become more serious, with the band offering wonderfully dramatic black metal with normal and raw vocals which reminds a little of Angizia from Austria. Although they repeat this structure on several tracks, Sycronomica still take care to add enough variety into their songwriting. Realm Of Dust And Ashes contains for instance folk influences, while Ground On Fire sees the band from their infernal side. On Nebelgestalt, the overdone choir parts actually work really well. Despite the rather long running time, you won’t find any weak tracks on Sycroscope. Some may be deterred by the quite dominating keyboards, and I admit the band could have acted here more discreetly, but this shouldn’t weaken the overall strong impression of this record.

Fans of epic and symphonic black metal that are able to think outside the box should be quite pleased with Sycroscope. Sycronomica are still a relatively young and unspent band that will certainly still evolve, but already now they can pride themselves in having achieved already quite a lot.

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