SYMAKYA - Majestic 12: Open Files

Symakya - Majestic 12: Open Files

10 songs
66:04 minutes
***** ***


Symakya are a relative young symphonic metal band from France, but the musicians involved all gathered already a lot of experience in the past. The band consists of three musicians who have been playing in Elvaron, Akromoa, Seyminhol and Heavenly.

This shouldn’t mean that Symakya sound much like these bands. Especially guitarist Matthieu Morand whose past in Elvaron and Akroma was marked by the more extreme facets of metal is definitely up to something new with this classical inspired symphonic power metal. The band didn’t spare any costs and efforts to make their debut a professional sounding item. Producer and engineer worked already with established acts like Epica, Kamelot, Avantasia and Rhapsody Of Fire, which should give already an idea of what to expect. As three people could hardly do all of this by themselves, they hired a guest musician to program the orchestral parts.

The powerful opener Genesis puts you instantly into the right mood for this epic album. The countless harmonies and the clear yet not too high vocals are sure to attract your attention. The following The First Disturbing Contact sounds more dramatic and comes with some spoken word parts that enhance the mood. Other Keys and Human God? are among the album’s most complex pieces and furthermore underline the band’s talents. The pace is kept often rather fast, but the trio is not afraid of sometimes acting more epic and even occasionally gloomy. The English lyrics also come with no noticeable accent, increasing the professional impression. The only blame may be the overly generous length of the album and the fact that the band is sounding sometimes too close to their influences.

Despite these minor complaints, Majestic 12: Open Files is a wonderful debut that should be a delight for every fan of epic melodic power and symphonic metal. I guess that the album has a concept, but unfortunately the band’s homepage didn’t give any further information.

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