SYMPHORCE - Twice Second

Symphorce - Twice Second

10 songs
48:29 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Symphorce is the band by Andy B. Franck who is also a member of Brainstorm. He founded Symphorce in 1998 in order to play melodic, but energetic power metal. When I compare their fourth record Twice Second to former Symphorce material, I have the impression that the band has become more complex and even slightly progressive. One of my favourite tracks is Tears which has great guitar lines and powerful vocals which puts it somewhere between Vicious Rumours and Sanctuary. Especially the singer convinces on the whole record and reminds me of Geoff Tate and Warrel Danes. Whatever Hate Provides and Cause Of Laughter are sounding very modern and much more brutal than traditional power metal stuff. The most progressive song is Take What's Mine, played in mid tempo pace and thus distinguishing itself much from the rest of the album. The album really covers the many facets of metal and so there are also calmer songs like Face Of Pain and Searching. And let's not forget to mention the symphonic Cry On My Shoulder which contains some baby cries. I have often complained that especially German power metal bands were sounding all identical and that they could be exchanged one by another. I am glad to tell you that Symphorce have now conquered the throne of European power metal. And what about a loud hooray for an amazing cover artwork!

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