SYRACH - Days Of Wrath

Syrach - Days Of Wrath

8 songs
64:28 minutes
***** ***


It seems these days whenever I come across bands from the Norwegian town of Bergen, Octavia Sperati vocalist Silje is always doing her guest stints. She must be awfully popular in her home town… by the looks of her no surprise though. Last time I heard her was on the excellent debut album from Christian post hardcore rockers Jeroan Drive. This time it’s back to the roots with the second album from doom metal band Syrach. Eleven years after their hardly noticed debut, they come back in full force, on a bigger label and probably with a bigger budget, or how can you explain that My Dying Bride vocalist Aaron was in charge of the cover painting? Evidently the British doom death pioneers are a strong influence of Syrach, but the Norwegians are smart enough and never even try to sound like a copy.

Not needing any keyboards or violins, Syrach do not sound like a gothic band. Instead they are a purebred doom band with growling vocals that put them into a death metal neighbourhood. Most of their songs are crawling dirges, with melodic guitar harmonies to add the necessary amount of melancholia. It’s only on their fourteen minute epic The Firm Grip Of Death where the five-piece is toying with the more radical notions of the funeral doom genre, which works fine for them too.

You can’t accuse Syrach of originality, but at least they feel at ease with what they are doing, and that’s worth a lot these days. Days Of Wrath may only be their second album to date, but a high number of demos released in between their two records has kept the band at a busy level, making you notice how safely they cross the doom territory. Anyone who likes his metal slow, deep and hard should consider risking an ear here.

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