TABOO VOODOO - Something's Cookin'

Taboo Voodoo - Something's Cookin'

10 songs
51:43 minutes


Taboo Voodoo is the band of French guitar player Cyril Achard. Together with Mike Terrana on drums and Ivan Rougny on bass, he recorded ten instrumental prog rock fusion songs. That's about all I can say about this album. These guys are terribly gifted technicians on their instruments, but somehow the songs just don't hit me. I think I was able to concentrate on the first two songs: Print Of Time is a rather rocking opening song with some nice powerdrumming by Mike Terrana, and One For The Road is more of a bluesy instrumental. From there on, I couldn't focus anymore, there were just too many solo guitar passages for me. Mike Terrana's drumming is more restrained and jazzy on this album, although from time to time there are some faster double bass parts. The overall sound is very Holdsworthy, so if you are into jazzy guitar music with some metal influences, you might like Something's Cookin'. But if you're not a specialist in guitar music, you might just pass this one by. For guitarists only, probably.

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