TAETRE - Divine Misanthropic Madness

Taetre - Divine Misanthropic Madness

12 songs
34:37 minutes
***** ***
Mighty Music


I thought that Taetre were one of those bands that had disappeared in the vortex of dwindling death metal bands. They released two albums of Diehard Records in 1997 and 1999, and then I didn't hear anything of them anymore.

I was caught quite by surprise when a guy from the Danish label Mighty Music gave me some promo CDs, and one of them was a new one from Taetre. It's weird, considering Taetre being a Swedish band and always signing at Danish labels.

Anyway, not too much has changed here. They still use the same recording studio and the same producer who is King Diamond guitar player Andy La Rocque who also played two guest solos on this album. People who have never heard (or heard of) Taetre have to know that this is a Swedish death metal band that on the one hand sounds very Swedish school like, but on the other hand also knows how to make their music sound much differently. Most of the songs are shorter than 3 minutes, which is because of the increased speed you find on this album. Although Taetre are probably one of the fastest European death metal bands, they still manage to be melodic, due to very solid rhythm arrangements and very NWOBHM-sounding guitar leads.

Granted, this is kind of a short album, but then it also never has a chance to become boring. Anyone who likes European-styled death metal should consider putting Divine Misanthropic Madness on their shopping list.

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