TALANAS - The Waspkeeper

Talanas - The Waspkeeper

11 songs
60:56 minutes
***** ****


Talanas are a rather young band from the British capital London. The five musicians came together in 2008 and describe their music as progressive death metal. This can mean a lot of things but with enough time you will discern their different influences that will make their labelling clearer. After an EP last year, they have now dared to come up with their first longplayer The Waspkeeper.

Already on the opener Ananta (The Portrait), it is obvious that it is hard to categorise the band. You’ll meet the most different elements like black metal, thrash metal, some electronica and also dark atmospheres. These styles can be savoured throughout the album, transforming The Waspkeeper into an incredibly suspenseful affair. The interaction between these contrasting sounds is the extra something that makes the music so fascinating. Some tracks, like A Fortune Worth Its Disguise, are fiercer than others, but there is always room for occasional quieter moments. One of my favourite pieces is the eight minute long Elsewhere, But For The Giving which starts out slowly but later becomes quite arousing. The quiet parts are often melancholic, and sometimes even depressive, reminding of a mixture between Tool and Anathema. The last two tracks The Unhealing I and The Unhealing II surprise with a different approach. While the former is flirting with nu metal and industrial and even comes sometimes close to Neurosis, the latter is definitely more pop orientated and could even be deemed fit for radio airplay.

Once again the United Kingdom has managed to come forward with a remarkable avant-garde metal band. Talanas are, despite being influenced from other artists, a truly original band. The Waspkeeper is a long debut album that never shows any weaknesses, and is consequently able to maintain the listener’s attention throughout its playing time. If only every metal album were as fascinating as this one!

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