TANKARD - Thirst

Tankard - Thirst

10 songs
45:15 minutes
***** ***


What new can be said about a band like Tankard that has been around for twenty-seven years and still play the same simple but entertaining kind of German thrash metal as it was popular in the Eighties. Either you really like them or you categorically dismiss them. Until now, I have never displeased with a Tankard CD, and Thirst will be no exception.

Thirst is the fourteenth studio record by the Frankfurt kings of beer and doesn’t offer any surprise moments, which is ok for a few select bands like Motörhead, AC/DC,.. and Tankard! The songs are played mostly at a fast pace, sound quite raw, never get lost in overly complicated structures and should therefore be perfect for every nostalgic thrash fan of the Eighties. Actually you shouldn’t compare a band like Tankard, but at times they do remind me a little of Nuclear Assault. Their songs are without an exception entertaining, with the highlights being Echoes Of Fear with its catchy melody and Zodiac Man which invites to shout along. Only the children’s choir on When Daddy Comes To Play comes across not too fittingly. Despite all their strengths, Tankard can be reproached for not offering any classics in the vein of Empty Tankard or Chemical Invasion from their early days. Maybe that would have been too much to expect!

The lyrics are proof of a band that has a funny as well as a more serious side. Deposit Warriors, Stay Thirsty and Sexy Feet Under, a song about foot fetishism, are three examples that show that Tankard haven’t lost their sense of humour. They are more pensive of Octaine Warriors and When Daddy Comes To Play.

To keep it short: Tankard are a cult band! Those who appreciated their last albums Beast Of Bourbon and The Beauty And The Beer will certainly also like Thirst.

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