Temp Sound Solutions - I, Yobot

11 songs
40:35 minutes
***** **


TempSoundSolutions aka Shawn Phase must be one of the biggest workaholics of all times: according to his website, you can order 120 (!) EPs that he has recorded in he last ten years. Originating with cover versions of Nintendo tunes, TSS has evolved into a more rock direction, using typical genre instruments like guitar and drums.

Unlike underground heroes The Advantage who released already two successful albums with rock versions of Nintendo songs, TSS offers (nearly) only original material on I, Yobot (nice Asimov reference, by the way) from 2005 (not his newest, unsurprisingly, he has already released 38 EPs since). As it's been released on a proper label (although as a CD-R), we should expect this to be one of his more professional outputs.

I, Yobot therefore works from start until nearly the end, combining distorted rock guitars with bleepy Gameboy synth sounds to an aggressively humorous and humorously aggressive instrumental mix. There are a couple of weird spoken word parts that take the momentum out of the album, and the concluding (and unanounced) cover version of Metallica's One sounds like the original running on a broken down cassette deck with Shawn Phase playing tentatively his guitar and singing really bad.

The album starts on a very funky note, continues with a noisy rock song, which is followed by a slower, groovier tracks (and forgive me for not telling song names, but the 9 titles yet 11 tracks on CD just don't let me know what is which song). The alternation between short fun tracks and moody extrapolations works more than alright, making I, Yobot an interesting experience for friends of experimental instrumental post/math/indie rock.

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