TENEMENT KIDS - We’ve All Been Down

Tenement Kids - We’ve All Been Down

11 songs
37:16 minutes
***** ***


Tenement Kids from the Netherlands have been founded in 2005, and apart from their debut EP Doves, they have so far only been present on compilations, among other on a tribute to Leatherface. My first time with their first longplayer We’ve All Been Down reminded me also of that band, even though I didn’t know about the tribute then.

It’s hard to pinpoint Tenement Kids on a musical map as they are oscillating smartly between punk and noise rock. The CD has been produced by Nico van Montfort who gave already excellent sound to other Benelux punk bands like Antillectual and Brat Pack. The band doesn’t actually want to settle down on one style, claiming that they have taken inspiration from every decade: the Byrds and Kinks from the Sixties, the Adverts and Stiff Little Fingers from the Seventies, Joy Division and U2 from the Eighties, Therapy? and Alice In Chains from the Nineties and finally Hot Water Music and Against Me from the current millennium.

Most of the times, Tenement Kids like it rough, displaying sometimes more their British punk influences, sometimes more their American ones. Their songs are straightforward and uncomplicated, putting emphasis on choruses with pop appeal, where especially Stampeding Cattle deserves to be pointed out. Another highlight is Quit Playing Them Strings, a great punk hymn that invites to sing along, even though they could have found an earlier end to this track. Their quieter material has more groove and distinctive bass lines, betraying the band’s Eighties influences. The noisy material is better represented though.

Tenement Kids do nothing new on their debut, but their journey through forty years of rock history is very entertaining and absolutely fun!

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