TERRORWHEEL - Rhythm'n'Murder

Terrorwheel - Rhythm'n'Murder

11 songs
43:28 minutes
***** ***


What can you expect from a trio whose members are called Marco The Missile, Nick Napalm and DJ Locomotive? Although these pseudonyms are somewhat ridiculous, the debut by Terrorwheel from Finland is however quite impressing. On all songs from Rhythm'n'Murder, they are rocking their souls out of their bodies in an unbelievably dirty way. Because of the rough vocals, parallels to Motörhead are inevitable. While Lemmy doesn't get younger, considering Terrorwheel as legitimate Motörhead successors would be a too early and hasty decision. Terrorwheel combine heavy rock with a touch of punk attitude, without losing the right sense for melodies. Some songs are purely ass-kicking (Say No To Religion, Bloodthirst), others are something like little metal hymns (Curtains, Backstabber). There is nothing new on this album, but it's played at such an authentic way that Rhythm'n'Murder is excellent for every headbanger who also likes bands like Rose Tattoo, Motörhead, Wrathchild US or Souls At Zero.

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