TEXAS TERRI BOMB - Your Lips... My Ass!

Texas Terri Bomb - Your Lips... My Ass!

14 songs
36:47 minutes
***** **
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Only a glimpse at the cover makes you breathe harder. A red haired vulgar looking woman in a sexy bra showing lots of skin and tattoos is detonating a cat. Please don't try this at home. This animal is a professional stuntcat that knows what to do in critical situations. Your cat probably isn't and you could do severe damage to it.

But now for something completely different: music! Texas Terri Bomb is the rock'n'roll evolution of Terri & The Stiff Ones, a kicking and screaming rock'n'roll act. After having read this part of the review, you must have understood that Terri is a tough girl with a real street attitude. She moved from Austin, TX to Hollywood to become a singer and an actress. The music on her new CD is mostly influenced by early New York punk. One Hit Wonder and Never Shut Up are very spontaneous and simple songs which kick some real ass and make you think of the New York Dolls or MC5. This is combined with huge parts of rock'n'roll and a pinch of glam. All songs go more or less into the same straight direction. The only disappointing song is Oh Yeah which is too simple and the guitars are played in a horrible way. The album also contains a well done cover version of Thin Lizzy's The Rocker. Texas Terri Bomb will be a pleasure for dudes who like whiskey drenched vocals la Wendy O'Williams or Die Hunns. Many famous people seem to like Texas Terri Bomb, how else would you explain that she gets support on this album by Wayne Kramer himself and by musicians from The Dwarves, The Dickies and the Alice Cooper band?

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