THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - Forever Is The World

Theatre Of Tragedy - Forever Is The World

10 songs
49:26 minutes
***** *


Theatre Of Tragedy were already founded in 1995, and it was the distinctive voice of Liv Kristine that helped the band garner international fame. After six albums, she left the band who decided to hire Nell Sigland from Crest. Forever Is The World is now the second album with her on vocals.

Compared to their two previous records, the band is determined to show themselves from a straighter side. They mostly do without electronic gimmicks and offer instead classic gothic metal with few surprises. The opener Hide And Seek comes with typical Beauty and the Beast styled vocals where especially the male growls sound to monotonous after a while. Only on the successful Astray the male vocals sound clean which works quite well. Ms Sigland fares far better and reminds me at times of Anneke van Giersbergen without ever reaching her class. The songwriting can be accused of being too soft and cheesy, with tracks like A Nine Days Wonder and Transition not having much in common with metal anymore. The same counts for Revolution, although its catchy pop appeal makes it work nonetheless. There are no real fallouts on Forever Is The World, but I expect something else from an established band. Even a track like Deadland which has some really neat ideas leaves a stale aftertaste of sounding too much like an exercise.

Forever Is The World is not really a failure, but I get the bad feeling that Theatre Of Tragedy are more interested in commercial success than in their metal attitude. The gothic metal genre has far more interesting bands like Elis and Leaves’ Eyes that play far more rewarding music.

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